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- Headlines -

Critical Mass: Critter 1.0.2
  • OSX: Added a workaround for a bug in one of the 3rd party libs.
  • Note: Since virtually nothing changed, there are no new binaries for Win/Linux.

    Download now:

  • Mac OS X Criticalmass-1.0.2.dmg
  • CriticalMass-1.0.2.tar.bz2
  • Critical Mass: Critter 1.0.1
  • Updates for Mac Universal Binary.
  • Note: Since virtually nothing changed, there are no new binaries for Win/Linux.

    keyWatcher: 2.0.1
  • Only be verbose when asked to be verbose.
  • Fixed handling of unpluggin/replugging input devices.
  • Added keyConfig.desktop. Thanks to Frank DiPrete.

  • Linux kernel 2.6 recommended.

    Critical Mass: Critter 1.0.0
    1.0.0! Yeah, baby!


  • Added a Boss level and related support.
  • Made "Game Over" look less pixelated.
  • Created a separate submenu for Audio and Video config.
  • Fixed leaks.
  • keyWatcher: 2.0.0
  • Added multi-key support.
  • Added support to ignore input events from a device.
  • Misc fixes

  • Linux kernel 2.6 recommended.

    Critical Mass: Critter 0.9.12
    A bunch of changes:
  • Added online update checker.
  • Display update text on screen via simple scroller.
  • Added next gen shippy eye-candy.
  • Added volume control for music and sfx.
  • Added weapon/ammo display to critterboard.
  • Moved all special critter files into a subdirectory.
  • Added migration code to update previous installs.
  • Allow vertical ship movement.
  • Nicer shield.
  • Display control over starfield and nebula.
  • Add SDL detected fullscreen resolutions to resolution list.
  • Add menu option to allow non 4:3 resolutions.
  • Add 2 new levels.
  • Fix for gcc 4.0.1.
  • Misc fixes.
  • Updated Readme.html.
  • Note, there is now a Linux x86 binary, too. Unzip and run the "" script. Not sure how well this will work accross the gazillion Linux distributions. Let me know.

    Unless something unforseen occurs, the next release will be 1.0.0. If there is anything in critter that looks out of place or does not work, now would be a good time to report it...

    Critical Mass: Critter 0.9.11
    A couple of minor changes:
  • Add support for gcc 4.0
  • Fix sound issue when hovering over selectable text
  • Add mission tips/help to menu
  • Keep track of goodies caught and missed
  • Critical Mass: Critter 0.9.10
    A bunch of minor changes:
  • Re-added Hello Wiener level.
  • Updates for building on OS X.
  • Added default key bindings for secondary and tertiary weapons for those poor one button Mac mice users.
  • Allow starting the game from the top level source directory. This should also fix the problem where people start the game the first time but from the wrong place which would then create a bad .critter file.
  • Added better ASCII support when entering pilot name.
  • Updates for gcc 3.4

  • Updated with new Mac DMG (0.9.10a). Growing pains of a developer without a Mac :( ...

    keyWatcher: 1.0.0
    A number of changes:
  • Autoconf cleanup.
  • Added support for key filtering.
  • Added support for unicode labels.
  • Added support for virtual input device (/dev/uinput).
  • Added support for hot-config via the UI.
  • Added German translation.

  • Linux kernel 2.6 recommended.

    keyWatcher: 0.9.9
    Updated KeyWatcher, an event watcher using the Linux input event system. Useful for multimedia keyboards. Similar to LinEAK. Does not require X. Linux kernel 2.6 recommended.

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