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Logo Well, you probably already know. This package contains a Linux (sorry, no Windows) kernel device driver for Logitech's Scanman Color. The other Scanman models aren't supported yet, and might never be... There is another (old) driver out there written by Andreas Beck which supports most of the other Scanman models, although it won't work with the latest kernels :( Why haven't I merged my stuff with his? No demand. Of course there is nothing stopping YOU! In addition to the driver there is a GTK & command line scan tool and a Scanman detection program.

Device files

The first thing you should do is create a device file called /dev/scanman, as well as a symbolic link from /dev/scanner to /dev/scanman. Execute the following as root.
mknod -m444 /dev/scanman c 16 1
ln -s /dev/scanman /dev/scanner


insmod logi_scanman.o irq=7 dma=3
Replace the irq & dma numbers with what feels good for your system. You can compile the driver without the QUIET define to get some kernel debugging information if things don't work.


This uses the detection routines used by the kernel driver and needs to be run as root. It might be worth running before insmoding the real thing.


I'm using GTK 1.2, but it will probably work with earlier versions. Of course, it will look a lot better with GTK themes... It's a GUI, so it should be self-explanatory (yeah, right). Software scaling and calibration don't work yet.

scan (command-line)

A simple command line scanner. Press CTRL-C to signal the end of scan. After pressing CTRL-C you still need to scan one more line (since the read is blocking). I said it was simple... The tool includes a preliminary software calibration, but I'm not happy with it. Use at your own risk.


  • Software calibration. Without it you get stripes on the scanned image, which sucks.
  • SANE support. This will probably require some frontend modifications (maybe even a API change). I had a simple prototype written for my scanman driver, but it wasn't working too well.
  • Software scaling. I think I'll drop this. Just GIMP it!

    Any comments, suggestions, bug reports?

    --> sliqx at users dot sourceforge dot net

    Last modified: 08-Apr-2006

    Release info

    Version 0.7  - Initial release
    Version 0.71 - Minor documentation updates
    Version 0.72 - Compile was broken for later 2.2 kernels.
                   Fixed Makefile and it now compiles fine on my 2.2.18 setup.
                   I hope it still works... I haven't used my scanner in
                   a long time.
    Version 0.73 - Changed Makefile to use gtk-config for CFLAGS and LIBS.
    Version 0.74 - Patch from John Elliott to support kernel 2.4.29.