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UPX for Linux/ARM
UPX is an executable compressor. The official version works on many platforms, but not on ARM. Well, that's not quite true. It's possible to compile and to run it on ARM except you can't generate a compressed linux/ARM exec.
Well, I added the missing pieces and now it's working. Whoohoo! It's not perfect and the stubs could lose some more weight. Even with the ARM stubs uClibc compiled, they are still quite a bit larger than their x86 counterparts (1.5K vs 10K). Therefore small execs will see little/no benefit.
My changes are on top of 1.24. I've included the prebuild arm stubs. Everything is there to build them yourself, but building a gcc/uClibc toolchain is not for everyone... (BTW, I used gcc 3.2.2)

Puckman was bundled with Critical Mass for a while, but I seperated the two. Puckman is a Pacman type game. The basic idea is simple: you (yellow dot) run around a maze and collect points (blue dots), while badies (red crosses) try to get you. Eating a power-point (green dot) will allow you to eat the badies for a short period of time.

See screenshot below:


I was playing around with the pipes screensaver and found it too rectangular... After much tweaking there were no more pipes, just one long colourful worm. It can be quite mesmerizing seeing the worm grow into a ball of wormyness. See screenies below:

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